Top 10 Weirdest Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Top 10 Weirdest Questions  to Ask Your BoyfriendThere are some obvious questions that you can’t ask on a first date but there is still some territory that’s off-limits in a relationship. Here’s a list of the top 10 weirdest questions to ask your boyfriend, or not, and a few statements about why, in case you can’t figure it out on your own.

The List

1. Did you wet the bed? They probably did at least once, like most kids, but what does it matter now? No one wants to dredge up the past on that one and besides, it’s gross!

2. Do you want to make cupcakes? No? Duh! Men don’t bake cupcakes with their girlfriends for fun, unless they’re allowed to have a romantic, semi-sexy frosting fight like in a romantic flick.

3. How about shopping? No! Don’t press your luck with this one.

4. If I had a penis, would you still want me? This one is just ridiculous because it’s obviously not true, unless you have something you need to share, and if it did you’re basically asking if they mind dating a man. So, translation – are you gay?

5. Would you want me if I was disfigured? Get over the ‘what-if’s! Plus, there’s no good way to answer. If they say yes then they’re lying or needy and if they say no they’re honest or superficial.

6. What’s on my mind? The mind of a woman is a scary place for any guy so don’t make them take a shot in the dark and run the risk of receiving a wrong answer.

7. Why don’t you break up with me? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

8. Are you cheating on me? Unless you’re really serious this is not a road you want to go down.

9. Will you eat my boogers? I don’t know how close you two are but I’m not sure this is ever a normal question to ask.

10. Do I remind you of your mom? Although psychologists often say people choose mates similar to their parents that is way too weird a question to be asking on the fly.

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Mac and Cheese Pizza

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Children grow up on two easy, comfort foods that make up in taste what they lack in nutrition. Mac and cheese and pizza are favorites for any parents who want to please their kids without slaving over the stove. Finally, there’s a recipe that combines these two amazing dishes into one weird dinner. If you add Italian seasoning, pepperoni pieces, and some tomatoes to noodles you get pizza macaroni but that’s too simple! Instead, tonight we’re making macaroni pizza!

Since it’s combining two of the easiest dinner options there’s no need to get too fancy. You can opt for a homemade mac and cheese blend that is baked with breadcrumbs but somehow the Kraft boxed version is the best with the least effort. There’s something about that mysterious orange powder that gets your mouth watering. You have the same option with the pizza side of things too as you can make homemade dough or just get a dough ball to flatten out from the store.

First you’ll want to make about 3 cups of macaroni and cheese. If you’re taking the easy way out and opt for a box you’re in luck because it makes about 3 cups total. To make a little more cheese sauce you can melt in a few slices of American cheese or add a little more milk.

Brush your pizza crust with olive oil and dump in the macaroni. Top it with about a ½ cup of shredded cheese to get a nice cheesy spread over it when it bakes. All you have left to do is bake the pie for 7 or 10 minutes at 450 degrees. The time isn’t totally absolute, just leave it in until it’s the golden brown you’re looking for. Bon appetite! Enjoy the cheesy goodness and don’t you worry about your heart health when you scarf down this fun dinner! We’re all kids at heart anyway!